Tuesday, 3 August 2010

super fast catch up

Quickly, very quickly because I need to get to bed... this week I have mainly been helping my mum clean her new flat - what a bloomin' great job that was, the previous tenants had left it in a right state, she needs new carpets and hasn't got any curtains as she kindly left hers in her last flat thinking that this new flat would have some in, so I'm going to knock her up a couple of pairs tomorrow. Adam has been going to art club at our gallery and the other boys have been rather horrid to him, calling him gay and throwing pens at him etc, this really makes me cross and I wanted to have a word about it but Adam didn't want me to, so even though that was hard to do, I did. He came out today and said he had, had a better time as he told them to shut up and they did! taking him and picking him up everyday has made my shin splints come back and my legs ache so.
The other things I have been doing is making things for my shop, sewing things like this chap who is called "Fangle" he is rather easy to hypnotise if you wave a piece of carrot cake in front of him, his eyes go all googly and you can quickly move him away from the biscuit tin!.
Decorating is still going on in our lounge and for the first time in a week the boys got to watch deadliest warrior on repeat, they were so excited to watch TV - sad eh!!.
Hope everyone is having a glorious week and getting more sunshine than we are xx

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Jan said...

Fangle is so cute ,I cant have him here though if he eats carrot cake ,cos thats My better half's favourite ..love Jan xx