Sunday, 29 August 2010

stuck in sunday

Do you ever feel stuck in a rut, like you need to spread your wings and start off on a new journey even a metaphorical one?, I do, lots of times, don't get me wrong I'm happy, I have lovely children, I have a great partner and all the pretties a girl could ask for, I have a pretty good, simple life but lots of day's I wonder... is there more than this?, more than washing up and hoovering, more than this house and watching TV, more than our neighbours and street, more than our stinky town full of hideous smack rats and women with 9 kids who don't love any of them.
Of course there is and most days I know I should go and explore, venture out and DO something, most day's I want to, the trouble is, most day's if it's not raining or a meteor hasn't crashed in our street (this hasn't happened yet, but I wish it would sometimes and land on the bin troll from next door) the boys don't really want to go out or one of us is ill, or there is work to be done or some other rubbishy excuse. Then by night time I realise that another day has passed me by and I have achieved not much except eat cake and maybe a bit of knitting.
Today is one of those days, its glorious outside, I got all ready to go to a concert in the park but my partner is ill, the boys don't want to go out and here I am back on the computer gazing at other people life's, who at this moment seem much better than mine...
I know I am moaning and yes I know there are millions worse off than me but I needed to moan somewhere and here is the only place I can right now.
What do you do when you feel stuck?

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FeltLikeStitchin said...

Cheer up, we all get those sort of days:)
I normally get stuck into my sewing when nothing else is going right, otherwise I find that taking the dog for a walk helps to blow away the cobwebs.