Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Tut, Tut I should be working!

Oh dear, Ive done it again.... I am meant to be working on getting more things made for my grand opening of my new online shop but things have been so busy around here lately, at the moment our grand idea of moving has been called to a halt, it was driving us mad not being able to find somewhere so for now we are staying put and to cheer ourselves up we have started gutting and re-decorating our lounge. We have a lovely sofa coming soon, I'm really excited as this is my first ever brand new sofa, the sales man that dealt with me seemed astounded that I didn't want stain protection spraying all over it though, he had that "your one of the weirdo's" look about him after that, especially after I explained about how toxic it is. Every other one I have had I found in a second hand shop or antique dealers.
We have started painting with some great low odour B and Q Eco friendly range paint and I'm loving the creamy buttermilk colour we have chosen, normally I'm a bright mix it up kinda girl but this time we are going all grown up plain serious!!, I'm sure I will be adding my own twist though. We have finally sourced a natural/ chemical free option for the floor, this has been tricky to do and I was very surprised how un-enlightened the carpet store sales people are at knowing about natural flooring even though they stock it. We are hoping now to find a local fitter or I can imagine some cursing going on if we try and lay it. I got a gorgeous light fitting in the sale, it was half price and is just the thing I was looking for. When it is finally complete I will show before and after pics, I love looking at those on the living etc site!
My mum is moving on Monday so I have been helping her too, the chickens are still waking us all early on and I have been so tired lots of nights we have gone to bed straight after the children. So in between all that and general life I have been tirelessly making, my lovely sewing machine has not stopped.
Right now I meant to be making but I came on the computer as you do to catch up and started browsing and found this shop in London.....
Look at how delightful these mugs are, oh my god its more Moomins!!! I adore the pink one but at £15 each I would be a bit worried about breaking them, I can dream though.... This gorgeous children's lamp also caught my eye, how magical and cosy it looks, in fact sod the children's room I would love this myself, I could pretend fairy's live in it and it glows from the fairy fire that they light to toast tiny crumpets on..... and now I must be tired as I'm revealing my true nonsensical thoughts to you all!

Have fun dear readers in whatever your busy days ahead bring oh and keep smiling, especially if you live in Blackpool like me and all the bus routes have changed and what should be a 10 minute journey home lasts an hour and you end up far far away from home because the crappy bus driver didn't mention without warning all the routes have changed! xx


Pippa said...

I am very much looking forward to seeing your online shop!! I opened a Misi account a few days ago and it's giving me a lot of fun, thinking of things to put in it!

I LOVE that toadstool lamp!

Thomas Paylor said...

Wow, i love those designs, cant wait to see more of your work. Blackpool Breaks