Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Whoa wednesday already!

Quickly, very quickly because Ive been such a busy girl with days doing housework and DIY, days to friends houses for good company and tea and a lovely day at the super duper itsy bitsy craft fair, which gave me tons of inspiration. So I have been getting busy making a new website because frankly my old one I feel was rather shite, this new one is too cool for words, I love it. When it is ready for unveiling I shall be having a competition with some lovely spends vouchers for the lucky winner!!
I have been making like a wild thing too, this bag is made from jute, and is fair trade, I have embellished it with vintage doily's and fabrics, plus some of the very girly fabric from Kazzy, it shall be on sale in the new shop soon! I was walking the other day past a charity shop and I heard a little voice that said "come here, Rubles, come here" naturally I was curious (why else would I venture in?!), once inside I was puzzled for there was no humans around but still I heard the little voice "In here Rubles, open me" - Dear readers I had not gone loopy loop because I opened a drawer and oh to my delights it was full of doily's. Bloody great bargain too, loads for £2.50. I shall always listen to the voices from now on, and don't any of you tell me I hear them because I'm nuts!!
Another rather naughty purchase I made recently is this to die for retro styled gas lift chair, it was in the sale and I did NEED it, no seriously I did because I got out my art easel/architect table to do some paintings and its really high so a normal sized chair would not be high enough for me to reach.

Don't you just love it too!. Well I shall be rather quiet for a few weeks working on my site although I do read your posts everyday I don't always get chance to comment on them, so Ta Ta for now xx

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A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love your haul of vintage doilies!!