Tuesday, 13 July 2010

catch up

What a busy old time we have had, I am always trying to be a good blogger and keep up to date but I just can't seem to manage it, anyways, lately we have been enjoying our Able and Cole veg boxes which is like Christmas each week as there are some lovely surprising waiting for you to discover, it keeps me on my cooking toes too because sometimes when at the end there is only a couple of courgettes and an onion left you have to invent and be inspired but cookery books to make a great lunch! Also which I thought was rather great was when Claire signed up and said I had recommended her she got a free cook book and I got a free large bottle of olive oil, not bad eh!. Our smiley watermelon man ;)

We went on a home school trip to Ribchester Castle, which is strange as there is no castle there. Just some ruins of a granary and a little museum, we had a good time though as one of the tour guides gave us a talk and the kids got to dress up in roman armour, we also got to handle some roman artifacts, like this gladiator shoe above.

Me being rather silly with an antler, think it was from a deer - a roman one???

rather dark piccy of Chris in the armour which he said was dead heavy.

A more clearer piccy of a roman soldier, this bit was in the museum. The location was nice too, by the river ribble and has lots of wildlife, def worth a day out if you drive, thankfully we got a lift of a friend or it would of taken a train and 3 buses to get there!

Another day we got the train to Adlington nr Chorley to meet up at Pharaoh's play place, a regular haunt for homeschoolers I found out last week-I'm always behind with everything.

I like this rather intellectual piccy on the train, we don't get to capture many like this!!!......And then its back to the silliness

Chris has become obsessed with blowing bubbles but it just looks like he's drooling all the time! Poor boy, he's so special hehe.

Shoes in photos really fascinate me, I'm not quite sure why but check out the levitation in this photo weird eh!

I have been crocheting loads and now have 3 different projects on the go, really must learn to finish one before I start another tut tut, I have had some great news too, my neighbour has just bought a bar and its really lovely inside but the walls are plain so he wants to put up my painting for sale and when one sells he wants me to paint another to replace it, so pleased and excited that my work will be seen to a bigger audience, these are not my fairy paintings, no, no, no, that would be strange, no these are modern, abstract type women's faces like this one:

My chickens are still very noisy in a morning, like 5am most days - any tips for me to shut them up before I roast them?

I have been carrying on with the oil pulling but one day I didn't bother as I felt cured of tooth ache - big mistake, it came back with a vengeance that evening so I'm back on it now and so far its OK. I find it a bit of a bore though really, I'm never good a following routine but if it does me good then I shall persevere. Hope you all have a lovely weekend x

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a mermaids purse said...

looked like a lotta fun at Ribchester castle ruby! ;0)have you ever heared of colchester castle? its back in my old home town- its really lovely looking castle with what looks like a draw bridge but was added much later- i used to love the old roman ruins as a kid and all the armour!.
i have that really lack of energy feel at the mo! its quite depressing!!
love the smiley watermelon man he cheered me up hehe
love the piccy of you with the deer antler- hehe i do silly things like that too- you look like a really fun mummy- lucky kids you have.
hope your having fun crocheting ;0)
my 'to do' crafty list is getting longer and longer- i must get into a routine ;0)

congratulations on your art in a bar! wowza good for you!!! bet that will be admired by alot of people- something to b really proud of ruby! ;0)
hope your teeth give you less probs best wishes,
x kazzy x