Wednesday, 9 June 2010

monkeys, headaches and loud neighbours

Monkey members day at the zoo was a day we couldn't miss, Chris has always been monkey mad since he was tiny so he was so excited we got to make enrichment for the monkeys, veg and fruit kebabs on twigs and willow balls with bananas and pears hidden inside..... the lovely Louise is the zoo's conservation officer and she is so brilliant at interacting with the children, here's her and Chris pushing a kebab stick into the ground for the ring tailed lemurs ( his favorite monkey)

the lemurs were so not shy!! they came up so close to us, I really wanted to stroke one as they looked so furry and cosy.

We also fed the gorillas, the new baby was so lovely although the mummy was a bit camera shy, we got this picture of the dad though- I wouldn't like to take any willow off him, he's huge!!

My favourite monkeys the orangutans were funny too, the female in charge gathered up all the food and had it in a pile to herself, she wasn't into sharing at all. The one in the front of the picture kept following her and sitting right by her in the hope of getting some.

On a more rubbish note, I have been suffering from continuous headaches lately, they last for days and Ive tried rubbing peppermint oil into my head, sleeping and even pain killers but it seems to be there all the time, we have had problems with finding a house, each one we have gone for has fallen through, I'm guessing its because we have not got the regular 9-5 jobs and don't fit in with the check boxes all the letting agents have. I just want a little house in the countryside, room to grow veg and keep our chickens, its not that much of an ask is it?

Our new neighbours are right pains in the arse too, crappy crap music blaring out from 8am till dusk and little girls that are being dragged up, I hate spending time in the garden now because I can hear them all the time. Children on the next street keep coming to our street to play and are the most foul mouthed toe rags ever, they boot the football at our windows and swear at you when you tell them off, the neighbour across the road had his windshield put through with their football too.

Tension headaches, that's what Ive got!! Anyone know of private landlords that have 3 or 4 bed houses with gardens in Lancashire, Cumbria or North Yorkshire? If so please let me know.

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a mermaids purse said...

its become so common now for these type of neighbours you describe- i spoke to two mums this week who have got similar situations- loud music, swearing and parents that dont seem to teach their children respect- i so understand the sheer anxiety and stress when you have such unruley neighbours- my mum moved home because a 'dodgy' family moved in and kept terrorising them- to the point where she felt she couldnt use her garden- the community police could only speak to the family but nothing was ever done to help...
its an awful situation to be in.
I rent but luckily its on a very quiet road (touch wood) but you never know who might move on it.
i do hope the head aches improve and that things get better or maybe you find a lovely home without neighbours hehe ;0)xx