Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Sunshine and buses

The boys and I went to Lancaster for the day, I love Lancaster it's so different from smelly Blackpool!, We went to see this exhibition and although it was great there was only two installations which was slightly disappointing, it has inspired me though after climbing into a podule to make over the trampoline into one too - the boys think I'm mad of course but I bet they will want to come in and share my adventure! We also went to the judges lodgings which is a period town house dating back to 1550, it is now a museum with rooms laid out as they would of been when the judges lodged in it from 1775 to 1975, the top floor is the museum of childhood and we liked this floor the best, there was a sindy collection and I was reminiscing, the boys just kept laughing at me but I got my own back when on entering the school room all set out with desks, blackboard etc i rang the school mistresses bell and wrote sums on the blackboard, they were horrified and ran off thinking we would be in so much trouble. They didn't find it funny either when I asked for a job as a fill in teacher and asked if the boys could dress up in costumes too, the poor girl on the desk looked quite perturbed and when the boys ran outside and I told her they had ran off again she looked bright red and panicky, I may be slightly twisted but things like hat make me smile.
We found with the help of two lovely ladies (thank you Lancaster ladies) a vegetarian/organic/fair trade cafe called the Whale Tale on Penny Street opp the church (if anyone goes). I couldn't believe the menu, its so refreshing to find somewhere we can eat that is not the chippy, I had a massive bean burger and salad and chips, the portions are huge and I had to share some with the boys even though the had eaten all theirs too. They cater for dairy free, vegans, allergies etc and downstairs under the cafe is a wholefoods shop, I was in heaven, call me names if you like but what a joy it was to buy the things we have to get off the net or trail around various shops for all in one shop, I was so happy!!
We went in almost every charity shop too, but I will post pics another day. After Lancaster we got the bus to Morcambe (we had an all day ticket) the boys cried -yes you read that correctly cried because they thought I had gone mad going further away from home and getting us lost, I assure you dear readers I have never got lost, well maybe once or twice but i always pretend with some conviction I know where we are and always manage to get home OK even if it does take 5 buses and a long walk, anyway once there they really enjoyed just being free on the windswept beach, collecting rocks and shiny things, we didn't get back home till gone 8pm, tired out but with a big smile x This is Morcambe beach, in real life you could see all the mountains and over the Lake District in this view
The boys enjoying carrying really big rocks!

A very windswept me! I must stop eating homemade cakes, Im getting wider each picture I see!!
On the oil pulling, I'm still doing it I can only last until 17 min's though as anymore and I feel like chocking, I suppose the time will increase as I get better at it, still no tooth ache -Yay!

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Claire said...

I LOVE Lancaster and I'm sure I've eaten in The Whale Tale? Morecambe... not so much - I find it depressing! Glad the boys had a great day xxx