Monday, 26 April 2010

incompetent fools

Tom and the boys got stopped in town last week by truancy officers,
today I got a letter off them explaining that they had found my boys in town at 10.55 Tuesday morning - I rang up and told the officer the error of her ways as my boys were not lost in the first place so how they found them beats me!!

that was the funny bit although the woman I spoke to didn't find it funny! But seriously they spelled the boys names wrong and the dates of birth they put at 2 months apart - quick pregnancy I had! She explained how they cross referenced the details on the computer and that it was correct, I said how the LEA woman sent me a letter last week with the correct details from the same building.

Her answer "everyone makes mistakes, we had over 100 children that day to send letters to", maybe our details were the only ones they got wrong?!

This is why I'm glad I home school my boys, this is why all these do good services are lame, no one knows what the other one is doing, details/files are lost, mistaken, forgotten, this is why although it is much more serious than truancy, children all over this country are abused and these people in authority mess up big time.

Almost every day I read a story about how a teacher/ coach/ nursery worker etc has abused/molested/interfered with a child/children. What is done? - naff all, maybe a couple of years inside, except because of remand etc they are let out again in a couple of months.

Why is this country like this? why am I as a homeschooler made to feel like I have done something wrong because my children (accompanied by their stepddad) are out and about on a weekday?

PATHETIC, really flippin' pathetic. This may be a little twisted but I can't wait for the day the truancy squad stop me, although maybe I better watch my mouth or I would end up inside for the rest of my life for having an opinion!


Pippa said...

Totally agree with this! There was even a bit on the Jeremy Vine show a week or so ago, about the rising number of totally innocent people who have suddenly found themselves with criminal records for things they haven't done thanks to cock-ups within the criminal check system. "Whoops, mistakes will happen" doesn't really cover it does it!!! None of the departments seem to know what the other is doing and there is that feeling also that they don't really care either.

a mermaids purse said...

hey there fancy pants i soooo agree with you, my twin sisters friends home school their two kids- And they take them on lots of outings and they are both very bright kids...i think it should be free choice and actually from personal experience i went through the whole school life with dyslexia- only later to find out at university i had got them self a 'teacher' there's more to teaching than a piece of paper!
i had one-on-one teaching when i was 11 after hip operations and it really helped me...being in a class of 30-35 is crazy for a child trying to learn.
My daughter is three- she attends pre school two days a week- but id really love to home school.

Any ways, hello my names kazzy x
i think im your partner in the 'crafty helen @ home' fabric addict swap?...lovely to meet you,
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