Friday, 30 April 2010

A spoonful of sugar...

We had a day in Ingleton looking at a different house as the last one went to someone else, this new one is even better suited to us so maybe fate lended a hand, it was lovely and sunny and felt so good to feel the sun on our backs, we had a bit of a disaster getting there, we don't drive and use the bus or our bikes to travel, so we got up extra early and went to get the 7.15 bus only to get told by the driver that you can't buy a family ticket until after 9am, which meant we would miss our connecting bus, I was fuming, I thought bus company's would encourage bus use, I know its because it's peak time but maybe less people would drive to work if the buses were more reasonable and therefore polluting the air less, so we got the rather expensive train instead.
We did enjoy ourselves though, it is so different to where we live, I found out I like taking pictures of churches- not sure why but when I uploaded our photos, I had loads of this church!
The boys have a new photo blog .It is part of there home school to encourage them to use the computer in different ways, they are going to take some photos hopefully each day and put them on the blog, some will be serious and others just silly probably!
This is a lovely one Chris took of us....

and here's another of Adam looking thoughtful, surveying the viaduct...

See another church one - maybe its because secretly I want to get married in it! Shush don't tell!

Mmmm yummy raspberry jam cupcakes with vanilla frosting, a recipe from the primrose bakery cupcake book I'm currently borrowing from the library- note the silly boy in the background!
In between buses we had an hours wait in Lancaster so we perused the charity shops and Ta Da I found this......

Oh call me sad but I was so pleased, Mary Poppins soundtrack on vinyl!! Woo Hoo, it was the one missing from my collection, I just need chitty chitty bang bang and that's my collection of musicals complete, I love to torture, I mean listen to them whilst the children are around to see there joyous faces- that's a lie!, I get the "ohhh MUM, turn it offffff" thing instead but I don't care, I shall dance around in my swirly skirt when I finish it, eating naughty cupcakes and singing at the top of my lungs in between mouthfuls and I know that life is good

Some beautiful tulips in the community garden in Ingleton, there are flowers all over the village, Chris asked me why people don't steal them like they do in Blackpool. I didn't really know what to say - is it because there is scummy tw*ts that haven't got any morals here or just a load of dumbed down wasters that have no decent role models to teach them right from wrong, probably a bit of both and that's why were so desperate to move away.

Does anyone know what type of flowers these are?, they smell heavenly.

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