Thursday, 22 April 2010

My bestest day - ever!

Things have been looking up, the sun is still shining and I have had a good strict talking to myself and realise I'm very lucky to have such a wonderful fellow, 3 lovely boys, a houseful of lovelies and some great friends plus I'm in good health so with that in mind Ive been feeling much better than my last post. I have been sewing lots and this is a sneak preview of my newest project, I have been machine embroidering and loving it, I'm making a sewn family portrait, it's fun to do. I also saw a Jan Constantine cushion in Easy Living and at the costly price of £65, I got myself some gingham and set to work on making one, I'm really pleased how it turned out, on the heart is embroidered flowers - I love my new sewing machine!

I'm about half way through my first ever patchwork quilt, I enjoy seeing it coming together but its oh so slow, I'm a quick fix kinda girl who like to make things the same day, but patience I'm told is a virtue!

Now not many of you know but my favorite animal is an elephant, I have loved them since I was a small girl and dreamt of being a clown in the circus - it's true, I'm still a clown but just at home, well as members of the zoo we got invited to an enrichment day with the elephants, it was so cool to learn loads about them, and make them their dinner, Chris made this funny face out of hay and mash and fruit and veg,

we then carried out things out to the elephant enclosure, it was surreal being in the same place where the elephants normally are.

we positioned the food near to the viewing platform so we could have a good view when the elephants got let out

the boys loved it and so did I,

Here's Indra the elephant enjoying our enrichment, we got to go inside and see some foot work too, the elephant was so clever following instructions, she used to belong to the circus but now has a lovely time roaming around. The zoo contributes thousands each year to an elephant project in Sri Lanka to help injured and orphaned elephants, we learnt that the bull elephants are blinded on purpose so they are reliant on the masters - how awful is that.

Her she is again, the keeper said she wants to be blond because each day she covers herself in straw!
Can't wait for the next one, hopefully its going to be about monkeys so Chris will be in his element

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