Tuesday, 23 June 2009

sunny day out and sewing

What a lovely day, sun shining and a day out with my mum, we don't really go out together very much anymore as she is elderly now but today we went to Poulton, somewhere I love as the buildings are lovely and its full of trees and in the middle of the square is a church with lovely gardens. My mum had discovered a haberdashery shop and had been buying fat quarters so she took me to look around, it was wonderful, so many to choose from, plus buttons, ribbons, beads and loads of other stuff, I choose these 2 designs, not sure what for yet though.

Also got these, how adorable are the polka dot buttons, I couldn't resist. I also got these lovely little silk roses and this big copper bead to make a necklace wit. I could of gone mad in there but I have stacks of craft stuff already and keep adding to it is not a great idea! - that's me being sensible, just wait till i find some other treasure somewhere! hehe

I made this yesterday, I found an old vintage nylon dressing gown in a great little shop I go in regularly and after swanning round the house in it a couple of times imagining I'm in some 50's movie I realised it would be better cut up and made into a skirt, I added pink polka dot bows (polka dot mad at the mo) and sequins near the hem, I over locked it to some stretch elastic banding......

and voila turn it into this baby doll like ......dress!, it can be worn as a skirt as well I just pull it down to my waist. It does look better in real life I'm sure, even though my youngest said "WHAT are you wearing?" I told him I wanted to be a princess and he rolled his eyes and said "yeah right!" like I am so daft.

Better than the dresskirt is my second fairy girl painting, she is under a blossom tree with real dried daisy's glued on and a diamante and glitter on her wings, I really enjoyed doing this one, it made me all cheery. Its for sale, not decided which avenue to take yet for selling them, shop or Etsy or from my blog.

Enjoy the sun and hope to see some of you at Stanley Park on Friday for a home school meet x


Annkrozeika said...

Hi, a new reader of your blog, just wanted to say that your painting is gorgeous! :)


ruby said...

Hi Zoe, thanks for taking the time to read it, I love getting comments!!