Saturday, 11 July 2009

Cabbages, Cakes, Birthdays and no kisses!!

The garden is in bloom and I'm loving it!, walking round each morning to see whats flowered or grown a little bit taller makes my start to the day brilliant, that and talking to the chickens who remain as daft as ever. We have picked so many peas, its really amazed me how there are always more every time I look, these peas are a definite winner for production rates. We have managed to grow 3 yes that's right just 3 strawberries, how that's happened I don't know I expected loads of yummy ones for summer, I also forgot to do the successtional sowing thing so only have one lot of carrots growing- I guess this growing larks all about learning though.

I have various objects filled with growing things, tyres have come in handy, I unearthed the first spuds for tea the other day - that was fun like digging for treasure, so when the tyres were empty I did a re-shuffle and planted the courgettes and runner beans, I use empty milk cartons loads too.

Arghh I hate the caterpillars that have invaded and eaten my lovely cabbages, the broccoli's that holey they could be net curtains! Damn you cabbage whites with your pretty fluttering and wriggly caterpillars because as much as I am disappointed my brassicas are not picture perfect, I still am weak and feeble at shooing you away!!

Mmmm cakes....I borrowed this book from the library and every page had my mouth watering and me eager to get my pinny on. So I baked a Swiss roll out of it - not made one since school many years ago but thought it would be a challenge......

Sponge came out light and fluffy and smelled deliciously eggy, I made jam from berries out our garden - and it worked!! I was amazed how easy it was.....

I covered it in jam and then whipped cream - great for flabby bat wings all that mixing to get it whipped - then came the rolling up......unfortunately it kinda went wrong and split so I pretended it was a Victoria sponge slab instead, it was delicious, every forkful was dreamy and well worth making.

When do boys get to old for kisses?......
My eldest was 15 last week, I can't believe 15 years ago he was a little cute bambino and now hes nearly grown up especially for kisses off mum!!

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