Saturday, 17 September 2016

Wearing no bra with big boobs

My friend snapped this photo of me without me knowing and I love it, I'm in the river Dee in Wales for conscious camp, it's freezing but invigorating, I'm wearing no bra, this is a big deal for me, to be in public with no bra, I have large G cup boobs and they sag down, I don't want to wear a bra for health reasons (lymphatic system can't drain toxins properly when constricted) but having them swinging around goes against the norm. It's weird when you start thinking about how society has moulded us into believing certain things and when you go against the grain you are deemed the weird one ;)

 I also feel a bit weird and unattractive without a bra (conditioning I know) sometimes it feels freeing and I don't get back or shoulder ache or headaches either when I don't wear one, I wear scarves a lot to cover them but find most of my wardrobe now totally unsuitable for going bra less, the cuts of the dresses are made with pert boobs in mind. 

It's a quandary because I feel it's important for breast health not to wear one, with underwires digging in and your lymph system being squashed, it isn't healthy at all. There have been links to breast cancer and bra wearing plus I feel constricted when I've got one on. But I feel hot and heavy without one. 

At home I tend not to wear one at all, I got this stretchy bra with no wires/structure to it that I wear if I'm doing housework, exercising or if guests are coming over. 

I figured out if I buy loose fitting tops, and wear scarves you can't really tell I am not wearing one out the house and I am sarong mad, I use them to tie around my chest in various ways to let them swing free and keep cool.

Got any tips? share them in the comments 

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I would like to know your thoughts on going bra-less (please keep it friendly)

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