Thursday, 24 March 2016

Thinking outside the box

It's all about the boxes

So this week I have mainly been making boxes, I love painting boxes, the possibilities of what to store in them are endless and it makes a nice change from painting on canvas.

All different sizes and shapes keep my 'job' interesting, I often imagine what people keep in there boxes and sometimes they tell me, this one below is for keeping crystals in next to a bed, how wonderful!

This one is for keeping meditation cards in, its about the size of a fiction book and opens up just like a book, it has a magnetic fastening too.

Think too much?

I am working on this one myself, I am constantly thinking, thinking of what is next, thinking of new ideas, how to make money, how to travel, how to have more sex, more sleep, lose weight, sort out my skin, help other people, be more chilled out, be more accepting, judge less, enjoy more things, get involved in more art based stuff, how to become self sufficient totally, what to grow, what to plant, how to build a polytunnel with zero pence, how to stop the chickens squarking at the seagulls at 6am blah blah, the list goes on and on. I want to switch my brain off to quiet mode for a bit, practise meditation everyday (I easily get distracted and forget), learn being in the moment more and accepting what is. Allowing myself to feel and be happy on a constant level, giving myself permission to just be. How do you 'switch' off?

 Did you like the way I joined the boxes and thinking into a witty title? haha I try my best ;)

Love Dotty xx

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