Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Showzam 2016 Blackpool's annual festival of Circus and Outdoor Street Arts


Blackpool's annual festival of Circus and Outdoor Street Arts

I had an amazing time volunteering at Showzam 2016 in Blackpool's beautiful Winter Gardens. So many great acts this year and the carnival ball on Saturday night was the best one yet, it really was fabulous.

 Barada street 

  We was charmed by the masters of the multitask as Richard (UK) and Juri (Kyrgyzstan) bring a playful blend of music, acrobatics, humour and the highest level of poetic elegance. We laughed, cried and cheered for these beautiful idiots in an intimate, impressive and uniquely hilarious award winning show.

 Illusions Delusions Delight and Glory by Barnard, Hicks & Jones

A conflagration of wonderment & other worldliness. Performances of the fantastic, acts of the awesome and feats of fearless ferocity. Brought to you by a super group of sideshow sensations and myserious marvels, presented within the faded grandeur of The Pavilion Theatre. Freaks, geeks, curiosities, charlatans, magicins, physicians, acrobats and musicians

Cock-Tales by PasParTouT

 A magnificently feathered and musical poultry trio play animal/human scenes throughout the audience. The puffed up, vain quarrelsom cock, the nagging mother hen and to top it all the rickety stewing chicken- this comical feathered gathering holds up a mirror to the audience in a odd-natured and humorous way.

STX by Close Act

An impetuous platoon of black characters move through the streets in a curious combination of strict discipline and frantic behaviour. Whispering drums or loud beats, they give a collective call of expressive freedom, a paradoxical paradise, the ultimate aim of these daring rebels.


The Horsemen by Les Goulus

Three elegant horse riders inspired by the 'French Attitude' demonstrate their training to prepar for the next Olympic Games. Representing a caricatured imag of the French people as seen by others they are arrgant, self-assured and almost unpleasant. At the end of the show they ask the question 'don't you know that we now live in Europe?'

There were many more acts on but it was super busy and I had public to help so didn't get everyones photo.

Another hilarious day as a volunteer at Showzam, that's my son Adam on the right and the bearded lady was chasing my youngest son hence my laughing! Thanks to Claire Walmsley for another brilliant capture, check out her photography page.

Highlight of my february so far. We are off to the circus on Friday as part of Showzam, so I am very excited about that because ever since I was tiny I wanted to be a clown in the circus!

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