Thursday, 22 October 2015

Goodbye dear friend

 Yesterday we said goodbye to a wonderful light worker who couldn't live with how cruel and messed up our world is.

Calum was only in his 20's, but he already made an impact on all of us he met, he battled on through the despair and depravity that is Blackpool trying to spread happiness and warmth wherever he went. He is now on another plain, maybe flying high with the stars, maybe in another realm which only few know exist. What we can be certain of is he is finally free of the struggle the awakened ones deal with on a daily basis. It's made me realise though how separate we all are, how we support each other from afar, some of us try to get things going so we can feel part of something and feel at ease in like minded people's company, we need to physically connect more with each other to make sure everyone is supported and loved, to keep our spirits boosted and to out way the destruction and depravity we witness and do our best to block out.
 I know a lot of the time I choose to live in a bubble of love and I see the wonder and amazing world in which we live, sometimes I do get sad, I have experienced depression many years ago and have had family members with mental issues so I know it's pretty hard sometimes to be in a bubble alone. Lets expand our bubbles to connect with each other in the real world to save others from leaving us like Calum.

I first met Calum when he came running up to me in the street, he said "are you Dotty Delightful?" I was taken aback, it seemed a bit weird to be recognised, He said " I follow you online" then proceeded to give me a massive hug, he was a bit confused why I was in Blackpool town centre, he asked what I was doing because he thought I lived in the countryside ( I think because of my chicken photos and the garden etc) when I looked at his lovely face I didn't want to disappoint him so I lied and said yes I do live in the countryside. Since that encounter on the street we chatted loads of times and hung out and he used to come into my shop with his rucksack full of things to make people happy, once he pulled out a kazoo, he had water pistols and all sorts in there. 

If everyone got in touch with their inner child the world would be a happier place to be, if we all expressed unabashedly our feelings for each other, our planet would be more joyful, we need to live in a state of love and helping others.

Goodbye my dear friend, your memory will live on forever xx

If you are suffering from depression or need to talk to someone there is
a safe online community of people who are anxious, down or not coping who support and help each other by sharing what’s troubling them, guided by trained professionals.
Available 24/7, it is completely anonymous so you can express yourself freely and openly. Find it here: Big white wall

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