Friday, 2 October 2015

5 ways to tell if you were brought up by hippies

Check this out by Hippy Bloggers to see if you were brought up by hippies:
Were you raised by hippies? If so you might recognize some of these signs from your childhood. You probably have your own special stories related to your childhood, some of these tell your entire life story, and some of these don’t even touch the surface. Either way, take a look and reminisce about your childhood, which was probably a simpler time filled with flowers and kale.

1. You didn’t have a TV growing up

The other kids usually talked about the latest episode of the hit sit-com that they would watch with their family from the night before, and you would be talking about the books that you’ve been reading. Although part of you probably craved to have that TV at the time, odds are now you understand why your parents did it, and you thank them for it.


2. You meditate when you need to figure out your life

Since you were a little kid, you knew how to meditate in a way that worked for you. Not only did your parents encourage you to meditate frequently, they probably nagged you to do it whenever you were stressed or irritable. You probably still do it today, more than you admit to your parents, at least. You know that meditating is one of the best ways to clear your mind, and generally helps you solve the problems in your life.

3. You could live without meat and it wouldn’t impact your life much

When you were growing up, you had a very loose relationship with meat. Either you never ate it, you only ate it at school, or you only had it on special occasions. Regardless, you have lived more of your life dedicated to spinach, tofu and other protein replacements, and you could easily phase meat out of your life.

4. You have old tie dye shirts that you made yourself from back in the day

In the back of your closet, with your boxes of old mementos, sits your old homemade tie dye clothing from that day that your mom came home and said “We’re going to express ourselves today!” and dropped a pile of dyes and white clothing at you and your sibling’s feet.

5. You know that hemp has no limits to its uses

Regardless of what anyone believes about marijuana’s uses, you know that besides that the plant itself has many uses. From clothing material, to soaps and shampoos, to even paper or building materials, and that’s why you don’t understand that it is illegal.

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