Monday, 11 July 2011

MMMMmmmmm pie, owls and knitting!

Since going gluten free, I have tried out a few new recipes which I wouldn't of dared before -silly eh!, my triumph of the week had to be this gluten/dairy free egg flan, the flan dish came from the car boot for 20p and I made the pastry base, this was pretty tricky as gluten free flour is quite powdery, I managed by pushing it out with my fingers rather than rolling it out in one piece, I then whipped up 5 free range eggs, some oregano out of the garden, bit of salt and pepper and into the oven it went,
 meanwhile I made some harrissa roast potatoes, basically I mix oil, balsamic, chilli powder, cumin, S & P, chopped mint into a roasting dish and then boil potatoes, sweet or ordinary spuds will do, until just done then whack them in the roasting dish for around 25 mins, gas mark 5 until crispy, I'm telling you they are the most delicious thing ever
 I served the flan and potatoes with rocket from the garden and Abel and Cole carrot and toms, yummy! I was so lovely, Ive since made a flan with red onions and sage added to the eggs, that was blummin' great as well. I love food and cooking and eating but most of the time I forget to take pictures.
Ive been making owls this week too, I adore owls, and make all different varieties to sell at craft fairs, they are my best seller, everyone else must love owls too, in fact if you do check out this site, owl heaven!

 This week also saw the launch of a craft community shop being set up in our town, Aunty Social has been set up by friends who knew there is nowhere to meet except pubs/clubs etc for the younger crafters, so they have managed to transform a dusty empty shop into a warm welcoming bright venue, we all helped by either cleaning, painting or decorating and it was launch night on Friday, that's me next to my painting and standing in front of the zingy cupboards I painted. Its a great location, has lots of areas for different zones like sewing etc. The unfortunate and in fact bloody terrible thing is now the council have said we have to vacate by this Friday as the is some legal issue with the old tenants ( who have been gone 9 months), what bollocks, before it was stood empty and unloved and now its lovely and it can't be ours. We are having a knit in on Wednesday in protest, wish us luck!

Some yarn bombing opp our shop x

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