Friday, 17 April 2015

Crafty hen parties Blackpool

 So after a long time of teaching people to sew I decided to add some strings to my bow of being self employed and am venturing into hen and birthday parties! I have taught quite a few craft workshops before, in fact I am off to a lovely farm in Dolphinholme tomorrow for a weekend of workshops, Saturday I am teaching ladies to make lavender bags and lavender wheat bags then staying over in the farms caravan (hoping there are no spiders) and on Sunday joining in with their biodynamic compost making course. Very exciting learning new skills which I can use on the allotment and eventually in Portugal.

So I made this poster for the hen parties and am hoping it should be lots of fun, it's a little bit scarey too venturing off in another direction but I am asking the universe to help me and send me lots of lovely ladies!

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