Thursday, 22 January 2015

You can be happy and abundant!

How many people woke up today and had to drag themselves out of bed, get dressed in clothes they wouldn’t normally wear and don’t feel comfortable in, drive/get the train/bus early in the morning whilst half asleep to get to a destination they don’t like going to, to be there for 8+ hours, eating and drinking when told they are allowed to, asking permission to go to the toilet, acting in a certain way to ‘fit in’ whist looking out of the window wishing they were somewhere else. Doing this for 6 days a week, to get money to pay for things they don’t need but they think they should have because society and the media have brainwashed them into believing they would be happier and more fulfilled with the items, working for 48 hours a week (not including the wasted time travelling back and forth) to get money to save up to get 2 weeks off a year on holiday so they can ‘relax’.
Days off are treated like gold, Mondays are treated like the enemy, Fridays are looked forward to all week because “the weekend starts here”
Time is precious, your life is precious, family, friends, children are precious. Being happy is precious.
Today forget about money for a minute, ask yourself, am I doing what I love and enjoy? if money was no object how would I spend my days?
I am fully aware in this society we need money, I am not being idealistic by asking these questions, I just want you to think for a minute, have you been put on this earth to feel drained, stressed and like life is ‘hard work’?
I think we are amazing, our world is amazing, the opportunities and abundance is there for us all.
What one change could you make today to get closer to your dream life?
Don’t let other people’s ideals impact on you and your decisions, forget for a minute your background and the way your parents instilled their own values and ideals onto you, forget that the neighbours have a BMW ( whatever car you think is fancy, I like Morris Minors, but didn’t think that would work in this scenario) forget your sister redecorates every few months or your brother has just been to New York.
Take a breath, go on a big deep right into your belly breath, release it, release all the consumerism, release all the thoughts of “I can’t”
Then imagine what your life would look like if you could do what you enjoyed for a living. Imagine the endless possibilities, think back to when you was a child, what dreams did you have? I bet you didn’t have any thoughts then, that it wasn’t possible, that you was being unrealistic, no you didn’t!. Because as a child you believed anything was possible, magic happened, dreams came true. When did that belief change?
I have been reading many amazing books lately and come across some amazing inspiring people who started out just like you and me, but they did something about their dreams and turned them into reality.
This is my current book I am reading, I am about half way through and can’t recommend it enough, I am excited to see how the changes will impact my life.
I am also a massive fan of Leonie Dawson, she is infectious, I love her bonkers attitude to life, I love the way I can relate to her and I love the way she went from working in an office to living in tropical paradise.
The one book and film that changed our lives the most, right back 6 years ago and made us rethink everything was The Secret. If you do one thing today watch it, it is available on Youtube, so no excuses, I promise it will change you.
I just want you all to know, you can be happy, you can be abundant in life, love and wellbeing. You have permission to be amazing, you have permission to follow your dreams no matter who it pisses off along the way (normally that stems from jealousy or fear). Take the first step. We support you and have your back!

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