Thursday, 22 January 2015

Allotment and chicken winter special

It has been pretty frosty here in Blackpool, UK for the past few nights and a little flurry of snow fell but by morning it had disappeared, we go up to the allotment about once a week at the moment to collect veg and clear up the dead leaves, have a general tidy up and get the beds ready for spring. This is the first winter having the plot and we started quite late planting as we got our allotment 31st May 2014.
We still have sprouts, kale, curly kale and cabbages growing and are ready for eating, the garlic we planted is growing nicely and should be ready for early spring.
I want to learn how to be abundant in veg through the winter months, before getting the allotment we grew veg in our back garden, but every year after a glut of growing in summer and autumn there is barely anything left in winter. Good job we have shops around or it would be meagre pickings! Would would be ok for eggs though, our girls haven't stopped laying, we are getting a regular 2 a day now, the Araucana chickens laid about 3 eggs each all summer and have stopped completely now. They are such a fussy type of chicken but produce beautiful duck egg blue tiny eggs. Did you know the colour of the egg shells relate to the colour of the chickens ears!
The girls love porridge with sultanas in when its cold, they get such dirty beaks eating it and its nice for them to have something warm in their tummies before the go to bed. So far the water hasn't frozen so it's not as cold as last year here.
After such an abundance of sprouts it's nice to have some new ways to cook them and this recipe from Tasty Yummies sounds delicious.
Toasted brussel sprouts with spicy orange parsley chimichurri
  (Photo belongs to Tasty Yummies)
I also love slicing them and frying them in coconut oil, garlic and honey and serving with a roast dinner
 ( especially mash - I adore mash!)

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