Wednesday, 25 May 2011

oh funny chickens

We have 3 rhode island red chickens that are 2 years and 2 araucana chickens that are now about 7 weeks, we also have a 7 week old rooster - who was meant to be a chicken!! We live in a built up area so can't really keep him, I have asked everyone I know and put notices in local pet shops, I have had plenty of calls, unfortunately these all turned out to be idiots, seriously I didn't know there are so many thick people around. One man asked how many eggs does he lay?!, another girl rang up saying she could come and collect it now as a surprise present for her mum, I asked "does your mum have chickens then"?,
"what, NO" (said in a voice like I was stupid), I asked why she thought her mum would want him then, she didn't know!
Another man wanted him to train him for the circus to ride on dogs - honestly I'm not making this up, he wanted me to feed him cheese and worms to train him - he was 5 weeks at the time, not old enough for worms and we are dairy free so cheese (do they even eat cheese?) is out of the question. He also wanted me to keep him in a tiny box, one small enough so he can't move to train him not to crow ( his words), so guess what folks, yep we still have him here with us. He is getting lovely colours, all greens and reds, I would love to see him when he has all his mature feathers, at this rate I will get my wish!
Our bigger girl who is boss of the coop has been poorly, she has lost weight and is rather down, we have been spoiling her with lots of love and natural remedies, she has been sleeping in my basket with a little patchwork blanket on her to keep her cosy. she is really good and stands up and makes a noise when she needs a poo! so we take her to the garden, it's funny really, a toilet trained chicken.
 Even the boys have been extra kind to her, Adam is normally scared of the chickens, but he has taken to being second in command carer when I have things to do, she nods off for him within seconds.
I finally bought Mollie makes magazine, I had to wait to have some money to get it after drooling over the gorgeous pages last week in WH Smith when I was broke. It was worth the wait, I love it, it's like a paperback blog book, too cool! If you can get a copy it is worth it, you can also subscribe to the next 3 issues for £5.00, which is a great saving. Hope you all have a lovely week x


Riddlers cottage flowers said...

I have had hens in the garden too! I miss them so much that I am thinking about geting some more.Mine got old and went to hen heaven.Mine lovely friend turned up with a little fellow for me and everyone loved him.Being small he was not to loud but I was worried about it at first.We have about 3 gardnes up and down the lane with hens and I think they are loud too!They love to let everyone know if they have laid.Hope your hen gets better soon.Lesley x

Becks said...

Aaaw what a lovely story of your poorly chicken.
And the magazine, I have been blogging about that the last day or so, I'm rather liking it :)