Sunday, 12 June 2011

just call me dotty doolittle

My friend went on a trip to London so we house sat and whilst there made some friends in the cows, they are so beautiful if a bit snotty, I loved talking to them and named them all according to their facial expressions

 my youngest loved them as much as me but his big brother was scared in case they jumped the wall, I'm not sure how high cows can jump but I'm sure we would of been able to run away fast enough!!, It was funny though, I was dared with much glee by smallest boy to touch the cows nose, imagine dripping snot albeit clear snot, with a big tongue lapping it up and I had to touch it EWWWWW, I think not, they laughed at me them for being a chicken!

 I love the markings and eyelashes, I think this one is called Molly speckled nose, a rather pretty lady if you ask me. As well as gardening, baking ( god my waistband is ever increasing), having some kind of flu thing that rubbish I went to a new knitting group. Knittaz with attitude is Blackpool's answer to molly makes in real life haha. We had a right old laugh taking about all sorts of things only a group of women would talk about!!
 I looked spaced out but I was probably just thinking, I get that gormless expression you know when I think!
One of the ladies who was running it went out of her way to make me some vegan/gluten/dairy free cakes but I'm sure they was made with just sugar, I couldn't finish one of them, since I have been more purer in my eating if I eat something too sugary I get a terrible headache now. Come to think of it my not flu started the day after......
Got a busy week with home school sports day which should be fun and a birthday party in the countryside, I have volunteered to be bouncy castle monitor - good or bad idea?! Hope you all have a fab week, ohh did you see Lily Allen's wedding dress, it was gorgeous, so lovely x

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Riddlers cottage flowers said...

I too love cows.Looks great fun your knitting group.