Monday, 14 March 2011

Fun in the sun

The sun came out today after days of rain and gloom so we forgot about schoolwork and took ourselves off to the park, I sat and knitted, I'm in the middle of making some fingerless mittens with some gorgeous wool that is different colours, when finished I will share them if I remember!, I really love fingerless gloves at this time of year especially for gardening and planting seed, it's still a little nippy to go bear but normal gloves are such a faff, plus I love feeling the soil between my fingers it makes me feel like I'm really connecting with the earth. We saw lots of daffodils peeking through and some pied wagtails having a jolly time in the grass. Our park has had a makeover, it is an improvement but, and here is the moaning bit, why do planners etc not think further than the look of something, there are loads of patches of soggy mud where rain collects in puddles, these are dotted through the play area where children are meant to run from one piece of equipment to the other, there is no avoiding them or going around them either, some poor child fell face first into the mud and his mother was having a fit, I did smile to myself because I think by the grin on the boys face he liked being covered in mud, the mum (all in white) was not amused!
You would never know but I'm a size 6 under all my layers ;)
We had a nice time though just being outdoors for a while, we came home and the boys collapsed on the floor in a heap of tiredness, my legs ached like mad too, it showed how much we have been hibernating this winter, we are so unfit!
I want to mention too the appalling tragedy in Japan, I can't even begin to know how those poor souls who have lost everything must feel, we have been reading about the various natural disasters that have been happening, it seems so hard to believe that so many things have and are happening to one country. There have been mentions all over the net about various explanations such as supermoons, the rapture, pole shifts, HAARP etc but whatever your beliefs on the terrible happenings, we can all agree that we should be thinking, praying etc of those poor innocent people who have lost their homes, families, friends,colleagues, animals, lives. It is at times like this I feel so helpless and small in this massive world.

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