Saturday, 12 June 2010

Yippee, thank you kindly

I have received a beautiful blogger award, my first one ever, it really cheered me up - is that a little daft?, anyway I don't quite care if it is because thanks to Felt like stitchin

It put a great big smile on my face. Now I'm guessing the blogging etiquette is to pass this onto 10 other lovely bloggers, and give you 10 facts about me!! Well first the 10 facts....... ohh this will be interesting!!

1.when I was a girl learning to ride a bike, I fell off into a gooseberry bush and got thorns stuck in my bottom, this put me off learning and I still can't ride a two wheeler so I go around on my lovely trike (Susie!)

2. I love cheesy 80's pop music and Motown especially Diana Ross and the Supremes and Marvin Gaye, I especially like listening to them on my record player.
3.I love to paint and wish I had a spare room to set up my easel and have a real art studio.
4. I have been to college a few times and have got qualifications in art, fashion design, textiles, criminology and psychology.
5.I used to own a vintage/retro clothing shop and Anna Friel and David Thewlis came in, she bought a couple of dresses and some 60's boots!
6.I can't wear or walk very well in high heels, the only pairs I own are kept for in the bedroom.
7.I wanted to be a clown when I was little, then a fashion designer when I was in my teens, then a mortician, now I want to be a smallholder.
8.I'm dairy free but REALLY miss cheese and onion sandwiches.
9.I love collecting old stuff and skip dive whenever the opportunity strikes, much to the embarrassment of my boys
10. I LOVE curry, we have Indian dinners, that Tom and I make from scratch and we all get Indian names (mines Rubinda) and Tom and I talk in an Indian accents to the children just to wind them up, its really funny.
Ohh I like this, I could go on and on, its fun to share hehe.
and now for 10 more beautiful bloggers..... I nominate:

Maybe you might find a new blog to read out of the lovely ladies above, I hope your beautiful bloggers award puts a smile on your faces, remember to pass them on and thanks again Felt like Stitchin for my one xxx

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Thank you so much! Really did put a smile on my face! An honor :)