Wednesday, 23 December 2009

its beginning to look a lot like christmas ...

Christmas comes but once a year, but how fast does that time come around, its like time has been fast forwarded, this year I have been more organised than ever before and am looking forward to it. Its been fab making and crafting for others and having met some really lovely friends this year in our home ed group it has made it more magical.this is a little wall hanging that's above my fireplace, hand embroidered with bells hanging off the bottom...
a little sequined bird just ready to sing a lark....

and a mischievous pixie girl who my partner says is secretly me!!

Our fireplace decorated with candles and pine cone and the boys made stars out of twigs, bound them together and put glitter on them, our stockings that I made, which hopefully will be filled with goodies

we like to get one new decoration each year, whether its handmade or bought and his year I was pleased to go out with the ladies from the victory baptist church at Blackpool ( I go to a knitting club with them) to Barton Grange-Wow what a place, the layouts were amazing, I really wish I took the camera, fantastic creative sets for different countries, I found this extravagant bird in the India section, he's lovely and after Christmas he will be going in the tree in my little ones bedroom, to join the other birds and monkeys that live in it.

Here's our pond on our first snow day, the boys came and woke me up saying it had double snowed!, they were so excited and I was too, we got up, got dressed and went out in it, I fed the birds and melted a bit of the pond for our frogs and newts and then went out front for ....

snowman building, Brrrr it was cold but so worth it, its all melting now :(

Happy holidays to everyone, hopes all your dreams come true and smile and rejoice in the lovely friends and family we have and remember those who have gone from this world but watch over us daily - thank you Dad xxxxxx


spicyapplepie said...


what a lovely blog, you are absolutely right, we do have some things in common! I especially like the part about living in a castle and a dungeon at night! That is so me!LOL,

I love the photographs on your blog, the bird is so pretty, what a great find.

Are the paintings on your blog yours? they are wonderful i love the fairy one! You are very talented.

if you would like to keep in touch my email address is

looking forward to reading your blog


ruby said...

wow thanks Suzie, yes the paintings are mine, I love fairies.

thanks for the email address too, I look forward to reading your blog also xx