Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Yummy, yummy in my tummy

We had a lovely Christmas, really relaxed and full of good food, snuggling in front of the fire and playing games. Everyone loved there handmade gifts and it was the best Christmas I have had since I was 7 years old!. We went to the in laws and my mums on Christmas eve and swapped gifts, our little nephew who is nearly one had a velvet Santa suit on and he looked so adorable in it.
After boxing day I had a quick tidy up and discovered a book I had borrowed from the library ages ago and not read!, the hummingbird bakery book has some very tasty looking cupcakes and other naughty delights in it, so I couldn't help myself.....

Mmmm lemony snicketts topped with rainbow snowballs and lemony icing - well that's what I called them, I think in the book they are lemon cupcakes!! they are truly scrumptious, so full of calories but v. moreish. I also baked some vanilla cupcakes which went down a treat - so well I haven't got a photo of those. I substituted milk for rice milk and butter for dairy free marg and they worked fine.

Whilst the oven was nice and hot I made two loaves of wholemeal bread and some roasted butternut squash and sweet potato, this has a sprinkle of cumin, some fennel seeds, salt and pepper, olive oil and balsamic and is a delight.

Talking of delights look at these fellows we got from Tom's sister, how very cute, our boiled eggs tasted great in them....

she carried on the chicken theme with these cock a doodle ishious tins, plus other chicken related items which are now at home on the dresser.
Every night this week we have put the boys in bed and got cuddled up ready to watch a DVD we got for Christmas and every night we have fallen asleep, woken up around 2 am, not much heat coming off the coals, dribble wet cheeks and shivering, in a daze promising ourselves we will definitely watch it tomorrow - what has happened to the all nighters we used to pull!!!
Have a happy new year folks, this year has been a great one for us and we hope next year will be even better xxx

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