Saturday, 3 October 2009

sew long......

Its been a long time...well over a month since i last blogged, sometimes I find it a bit of a chore to finish a post but I will spend hours reading other peoples blogs, and sometimes it's a case of I'm actually living in the real world and cyber land has to wait, but I feel on this bitterly cold and very windy Sunday whilst I'm still in bed using my BFs laptop and drinking barley cup I will carry on and finally finish this post!!

A while ago I got the new vertbaudet catalogue in the post and am in awe of the duvet covers, especially this deer one, how cute, I really want it for my bed even if it's meant for little people.

This is the interior of a girls room and if I was ever blessed with a girl this is what my dream room would be like for her, I especially love the rug.

We have been gathering the last of the blackberries from the garden and having delicious muffins with them in, I also have made some jam with them and even though the kids wont eat it because of the seeds I think its lovely lashed on toast. I used some of it in an eves pudding with some lovely strawberries but that went down so well I didn't have time to take a photo, I was surprised too as we made custard but with rice milk and it worked out surprisingly well, my BF also made curry using oat cream and that was yummy, this dairy free thing is pretty good now!!

We had a bit of sad news too, our little ratty Peanut died not long after this was taken, he was poorly and Chris wanted to read a Mr men book to him to make him better, he wrapped him up all snugly in a pillowcase and spent well over an hour just reading and stroking him.

He was an old ratty though and had enjoyed his time with us, it has made me think though I don't want anymore indoor type pets, we will just stick with our lovely ladies and eventually when I get my dreamy cottage, a pig and a goat!!

Let me introduce you to Molly, Lucy and Sunflower boy...... still not finished yet but so far I have enjoyed making them, I'm trying to get on with Christmas making early this year, I have made some stuff for my mum but can't really put them on here in case she sees.


Gina said...

Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. Your blog is great! I've just been reading through it, I am very jealous of your charity shop smock top, gorgeous and I love how the room looks, in the photo of your son sitting on the bed :)

Gina xxxx

LissyLou said...

oh my goodness!! that deer bedding is gorgeous!! oh yes, would love a little girl just so i could get that!!!! xxx