Thursday, 17 September 2009

all sewn up.....

This past couple of weeks I have been sewing crazy, I would love to have one of those big dressers with perfectly stacked fabric, all colour co-ordinated but alas I'm a very messy girl so in the mean time I shall carry on rooting through my cluttered corner for lovely fabric and make things like this heart, its red wool felt on the back and has some of the best stitching I have done in a long time, it has dried lavender from my garden inside to smell dreamy, its so pretty and pink and I think that's why I like it. I will make some more if anyone wants to buy one or two or three!!!

I have also been making tooth fairy pillows, an embroidered flower one with a pink pocket on the back for the tooth, polka dot ribbon so it can be hung on the bed or door handle and flowers made with french knots and knitted stitches.

These Jan Constantine inspired flag/banners have also been cheering up my dining room, I saw them in the catalogue and although very lovely at £37 was a bit pricey for me at the moment
so I took to making some and some dreamy cushions too - I will take pics when I get new camera batteries!!

More of the tooth fairy pillows, these cheeky chappies are so fun to make and really kind of sweet too, I make them for a lovely fairy lady in town who has the best fairy/magical/mystic shop ever, its called The secret garden, 9 Cedar Square in Blackpool, if your ever around do pop in, her natural soaps and potions are lovely and smell heavenly, my fairy pictures are also on sale in there too, I do take commission's though and sell privately. If you are interested in any of my things just leave me a message

The other things that have been going on is, I am doing some illustrations for the lovely Claire for her fantastic children's story, cooking up a veggie feast of yummy pizzas and stir fries - not on the same day, baking lovely snickerdoodles (cinnamon coated biscuits) and enjoying being dairy free because I have lost about an inch on my waist!! Yippee.
I went to the hospital today to have a lump removed off my thigh and the consultant was lovely to me even though he gave me 3 injections - ouch and stitches, I'm all patched up and the numbness is just wearing off so my leg is feeling sore but it means for the next few days I have to rest it so I can do lots more sewing and reading and having dinner cooked for me!!

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LissyLou said...

Hi Ruby,
thought i should introduce myself seeing as we are colour swap partners!! Glad i've found a new blog too!!
Love the makes by the way.
LissyLou xx