Friday, 14 August 2009

A new discovery.....

We went on the bus to Lytham the other day and although I have been there a few times I don't know it very well so I missed our stop and the driver carried on past the town and the shops and dropped us off outside a fantastic park, what luck! I never knew it existed, its really big and has loads to do for tiny ones through to teens, there is different areas including a skate park, a wooden magical picnic area, exercise machines from Sweden and loads of other cool stuff to do.

Look at the carved entrance, how lovely with poems engraved in the wood, there is a different poem on each side.
How cool is this fort/castle, the boys played for hours whilst we sat and people watched and chatted. Its actually much bigger than it looks in this picture.

Lift off in this excellent rocket, this is sooo high and looks loads of fun, I can't wait for the kids to go back to school and we can have a home school meet so I can go down the slide!

This is one of the Swedish contraptions, there is a massage roller thing too which works great for mums aching shoulders, these air walker things left me feeling sickish though.

There is also a zip wire but the batteries on the camera had run out so I couldn't take anymore photos.
After dragging the kids away from the park we started walking to the shopping area, now as sad as this may sound I don't care I have to share just how fantastic Booths building is, its round and modern but in a cool arty way, the staircase inside is round too and oh my the loos are so posh! I was very impressed with the range of alternative food stuffs too and ended up buying bagels, croissants and scones for breakfast!
Next I came to an upmarket junk shop, think more Cath Kidston than sally army, very nice vintage items, a gorgeous hall stand I so want even though I have absolutely no room or cash for it! I ended up buying a book instead!
I discovered a pop art shop with retro items and paintings in, I'm going to see if they will accept my Kitschy pink pop painting and some others I have done.
Had a lovely day somewhere different, will make sure I get new camera batteries for next time!


Claire said...

And I will join you next time darling! Glad you all had fun xxx

Pippa said...

Wow, how great to find a place that you didn't know existed!! You've reminded me of when I was younger and I used to drive off down roads and lanes that I'd not been down before, just to see what was down there! I used to find all kinds of interesting places, I once came across an old monastery!! I must do it again!

Annkrozeika said...

That park sounds/looks brilliant! I wish we had one like that near us!