Sunday, 30 August 2009

I Love cooking and cooking loves me!

Argh summer's nearly over....did it ever really begin?, I'm not sure about anyone else but I'm sure summers used to be longer and hotter and dryer!, it seems to speed past and before you know it your back to ordering coal and dreading Christmas! I have had some nice warm outings but the weather is pretty rubbish now all thanks to chemtrails, I'm sure you have seen the planes criss crossing the sky with the polluted gases for weather modification....anyway enough of that, I thought I would post a pic of a sunny day for me to look back on next summer when its snowing in June! I went to a fab charity shop in Lytham the other day after our home school meet and was so pleased with these two tops I found......

Excuse the mucky mirror and the flash but I had to capture how bloody cute it is, it's all embroidered and covers my rather ample bosom perfectly, only £1-yep I couldn't believe it either so I quickly grabbed this....

this was also £1! its a Marks and Spencer's lace/embroidered shirt, its sooo lovely, not worn it yet as it's been too cold.

Our lovely girls have all started to lay now and I am a pleased mother hen, the yolks are so golden it's fab, I have been baking, making breakfast muffins, pancakes, omelette's etc everyday....not all of them at once-that's too greedy even for a cake lovin' lady like me!!

Eye-eye said Francesca as I got out the camera, I think she was bothered her wattle and comb had not been set!

Talking of cooking, since going to the local allotments and getting a free recipe sheet I have gone ratatouille mad, it's delicious and so easy to make in bulk. I had, had a bad morning and was making another pan full and Adam was moaning about me making it agaaaaaiiinnnn, when I cut open this pepper......

It made me feel much better and loved! I had to get the camera to capture it, yes I love cooking!!

This week I have mostly been doing lots of things but finishing none, having tons of ideas in the morning and by night time done none of them..... this happens to me a lot! I find myself frustrated with my lack of sticking to just one thing at a time, does anyone else feel this way?, maybe it's a creative thing, ideas going round and round. I would like to hear if you lovely ladies get this way too.


Claire said...

Yep, am with you on trying to do ten zillion things at once - mostly in the evening when the children are settled, and then end up exhausted.

I have lists - lots of them, so whenever I have a story idea or inspiration (usually helped by lots of muffins!) I scribble it down because guaranteed, a baby will cry and the idea drops straight out of my straw head.
Love the tops hon - you have an eye for bargains and I think we need a jolly around the charity shops together.

Glad your hennies are laying now - it's great finding your first egg isn't it?

Love the piccie of you and Tom - so cute!

Hope to see you this week, Ruby Ruby Ruby Rubeeeeeeee (said in a Kaiser Chief yell!) xxx

Lilas Conuts said...

Hello from Nouméa
Loved the blouse , I want one ...