Thursday, 10 November 2016

Journaling, behind the scenes and our beagle

I'm doing a behind the scenes video of my journaling pages today with the most basic of equipment, a paint can, a tub of stampers, a bit of foam and my iPhone, no fancy pants tripod here yet! I will be doing a full video of the whole process later.

 Journaling yesterday after listening to an Abraham Hicks video on YouTube and it's all about serving your happiness and everything else will fall into place because being happy is more important than being right, being happy in this moment right now is so important.

 My darling Stanley ❤️he knows where it's at, being cosy, sharing love and snoozing 

This journalling has all been about forgiveness for me, it started the other morning when I was doing my miracle morning routine I journaled and wrote about, I did a page in my art journal too and even a video check out  my video 

Have you forgiven yourself? 

Love Dotty xx

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