Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Photoshoot of my woodland dresses

 My lovely friend Sonara and I went to our beautiful local park today with a small collection of the dresses I have been making for my woodland  collection, it was so cold and windy, it was pretty hard to get the dresses to hang right. 
We took some pom poms from our shop and hung them in the tree.
Doris (the mannequin didn't behave at all!)
 I have loved making such girly and pretty clothes, I enjoy every stitch whether by hand or machine

 I have collected vintage wedding dresses and other pieces of silks, satins, beads and pearls like a textile magpie!

 Oh how I love the different textures, each one tells its own story to me
I will be listing these on my Etsy page over the next couple of days if you know a mori lover please feel free to share my sneak peek at the shoot. I will be adding the finished thing soon xxx

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Josie said...

It is obvious that you stitch these gorgeous creations with oodles of love, simply stunning!