Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy new year!

Hello lovely people, we had a nice quiet Christmas just staying home and watching films and eating, spending time with the family is the best when there's no pressure to be perfect. 
For New Year's Eve on the spur of the moment my Mr and I went out ( never done this before) with my co worker at our shop, Jacqui and our shop landlord Dennis. We saw a couple of bands and I had my first alcoholic drink in 6.5 years! Lots if fun, laughing and a bit of dancing too. 
New Year's Day we have eaten lots of naughty food stayed in pjs and watched films all day how very perfect! 
Back to work at the shop tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to going and making lots of lovely items to put in our children's boutique. 
Hope you had a wonderful time too xx

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