Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy valentines day......Not

 I love this image, it makes me smile, I wish it was me, Ive always wanted to convert a bus and live in it, it would be a dream come true, I would like another baby too, it hasn't happened over the past 6 years so I don't think its meant to be, maybe its for the best my boys are now 18,15 and 14 so almost all grown up. I could look to the future, just me and the Mr hopefully travelling or living in Portugal, not sure if the Mr would live on a bus, I don't think its his thing.
                                                                   this picture

I think valentines day is a horrid day, I feel sorry for the ones alone, I feel sorry for the partners who feel they 'should' do something because big corporations tell us too,  I feel sad too, that on the flip side I wish I got flowers. Not necessarily on this day but on other days although I say it doesn't matter. I feel low that the Mr and I don't get to go away for the night somewhere, we are always surrounded by children (that's what you get when you homeschool) and the dog. We don't get to do the couples thing, although we watch films together etc. I think valentines day makes you think of all these things that would normally pass you by.

So I'm sticking my fingers up at valentines day because its crapola. When its a day meant to be filled with love how come it makes so many feel inadequate?

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@Ces_Creatively said...

a beautiful picture and I feel your words xoxo