Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Alternative healthy living sites to share x

Hello earth lovers, well I thought I would share with you some of the best sites I have found whilst on my journey, my journey into living a more healthy and pure life.

These sites are excellent for the begginer and also for people who want to live a different way. I cannot reccommend this first site enough, sign up to his emails and you will be kept upto date with all the latest health news. Dr Mercola

The next site I use most often is an E numbers site where you can either search the extensive list or put the E number you want to find out about in the search box. Remember not all E numbers are bad, some like E260 which is simply vinegar, when I started on my changing our foods to chemical free I armed myself with a list, on one side was good E numbers and on the other bad E numbers, this side was double spaced there are that many!, I felt pleased with myself and popped to the shops - boy was I in for a shock, it took me over 2 hours reading the labels, I felt despair, thought "we are never going to eat again!", slowly though, I began to remember some of the real nasty ones and it made it easier, now after 3 years or so I can glance at the label and know if its worthy of our bodies or not, sometimes especially when money is tight I go back to that despair feeling but know in my heart the choices Im making for myself and my family are good ones and it spurs me on to do my best. My advice to you is to make a list too (or get in touch and I can send you one) and start off with the ones that are most important to you, if you have children then the page on "keep away from children" would be most suitable as a starting place, focus for now on this when you next go shopping and don't get upset if it seems hard, its just different thats all. I will go into much more detail about food on more posts as I could ramble on for ages! E number site

The last site for you is Skin Deep, this is a great site where you can check your cosmetics, body products, household products etc, it has a simple search box with traffic light coding for each chemical, red for danger, amber for moderate use and green for go ahead, personally I stick to green only.

Lastly, if your new to all this it can be overwhelming, I would pick one area to focus on, each area is massive and the information endless, if you try and do it all at once you will probably get confused and give up. You can do it, you can live a healthier better way one step at a time, and to quote a terrible chemical laden company "your worth it!"

You can also get apps for your iphone now that has a chemical database on it so whilst your out shopping you can check on your products, much easier that when I first started out with a long list!

If you have any questions or want more info on anything relating to my post don't hesitate to ask, I love sharing my knowledge with others x

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