Friday, 20 January 2012

We braved the elements

Do you know I have felt trapped and cocooned sine Christmas I have wanted desperately to go somewhere green, see wildlife apart from the local putty picking magpie!, but the weather has been raining windy raining gales windy raining yeah you get the picture, now I appreciate the rain, it's great for the garden and for making things look clean and for filling up reservoirs but it's not so great for days at the park. Well one day it didn't rain, not a drop even the sun popped out to say "look at me hello, yes you hello I haven't left completely" so we got all wrapped up and off we went, it was bloody freezing!!! Chris my youngest loves the park, he was collecting twigs and rotted pine cones, watching squirrels and birds, taking it all in, Adam the older one does not like the park at all, he got chased and pinned up against a tree by a dog once in the park and is not petrified of dogs, his head swishes this way and that on the look out for dogs, I don't want to keep him away from the park in case his fear turns into a full blown phobia but it is frustrating dealing with it. In the end he said he needed a poo, his brother was building a den at this point and didn't want to leave, but of you need the loo then you can't hang around so we left the lovely park and rushed home because he refused to poo in the bushes!! It took me a while after being home that I realised he hadn't been to the toilet, I had been tricked with the threat of a poo, what a tricky mr, I will try and remember for next time the little beast!

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