Monday, 2 January 2012

The experiment

Tomorrow we have decided to start a week long experiment of no tv, games consoles, computers etc, we will have music and keep our phones on. After talking we have come to the conclusion that the children's imaginations have been taken over by a virtual world, in fact the grown up minds have been taken over too, I know we don't live in the 70s and to some families this seems like a weird thing to do or maybe it's normal to you to have no tv etc but this is just an experiment for our family to see if at the end of it we have been more productive ( how many hours do I waste on the net!! ), we have become closer as a family ( how often are we in different rooms doing separate things ), how will it affect the boys interactions with each other (they get moody after being on the Xbox ), will long time household jobs be finally finished, or will we be like electricity addicts desperate for a fix? I really can't say, I wonder who it will affect the most, on reflection before this begins I think it could be me, I have become quite reliant on my iPhone, always being an arms reach away just to check Facebook/twitter/emails etc I could make the excuse up that I need to be connected for networking for work but I'm sure 1 week won't hurt - will it, argh panic is setting in!!! Breath woman it wil be ok!, I will be back in one whole week to let you all know how it's gone and whether we have learned anything, wish me luck xxx


Riddlers cottage flowers said...

Good luck have fun Lesley.x

rosieposie said...

Good luck, I keep meaning to do this with my family, 2 home ed kids, my son who is 12 spends far too long on the x-box (although that is my fault) my daughter manages to find many things to do (age 9)- I love your blog by the way and thought it was about time I introduced myself, we home ed in east yorkshire myself and hubby and our two children, best wishes for the new year and your t.v. free week.

juliek57 said...

You are really brave! I have wanted to do this too, but not brave enough for the backlash! Nice to find your blog through greenparent. We are originally from Southport, family still there, and I love vintage too! Can't wait for your results! x