Wednesday, 26 October 2011

and now he is 14....

An open letter to my lovely middle boy,

 your clever, tidy, very artistic, sensible and adore your xbox 360 like there is nothing else in existence,
your helpful and a good listener, how did you become 14 already?
I remember those long days of endless crying as a baby when nothing was wrong, your lovely smile and full cheeks, your gorgeous blond curls and then as you grew you turned into a most lovely boy, always great at school, full of life, loved sports and had lots of friends. Your now nearly grown up (as you tell me) and push the boundaries sometimes as teens do but I wouldn't change a single thing about you my lovely, I'm so glad you enjoyed your birthday, we had lots of fun bowling and ate the most delish bolagnaise. I still can't believe your 14! Crazy how time goes so fast, I hope you enjoy the next 14 as you have done the last, here's to you my sweet, love mum xx

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Ren Cuming said...

Happy birthday to you x