Monday, 27 September 2010

switch off sunday at the zoo

The past couple of Sunday's I have declared to be a switch off day to computers, consoles etc after being inspired by the gorgeous goddess Leonie
it has been lovely because it is in our heads that that day we can spend it doing lovely things together, I think it is really important to spend time together even when there is a stroppy teenager who would rather stay in than be out with us and his younger brothers, we do spend time together everyday obviously with being homeschoolers and both working from home but to have a whole day is rather grand and a little self indulgent, it makes me a happy momma. So the sun was shining, the soup and yummy cinnamon swirly bread/cake was made, all wrapped up and we went to the zoo, the year passes are great especially when you have zero spending money and would normally go to the beach park etc.
Since we last went there have been more changes and enclosures have been changed so it was fun because there was different things to see. The tapirs are Tom's favourite and we heard them squeal, I didn't now they made such a funny sound, this one climbed up to snort berries out of a tree! Chris took this one, I love it because it's not perfect in a photographic sense but I think it's a perfect capture, I love my man so much and adore his brown eyes which is what I was looking at here
My monkeys in the newly painted monkey enclosure, looks so much better

The boss orangutan, always surveying the zoo and showing his teeth!
Tom and I like to snuggle, if we could we would hibernate, we are rather animal like in our behaviour, sniffing, snuffling and cosying up, the animals we are most like are Aardvarks....

They cosy up to each other when they sleep and are so lovely and v.cute, so we was so happy when their enclosure had been made over and they were awake - never before had we seen them awake, oh the sheer delight!!

Look at their huge ears

snuffling the air, ohh I want to get in there with her I bet she is so warm!

they have really long eyelashes to and love to dig, they have a long projectile tongue for getting ants and termites, they are native to Africa and are pregnant for 7 months, having one baby which weighs around 2 kg, this stays in the burrow until it is two weeks old. They can live up to 23 years in captivity.
We had a great day, although exhausted when we got home and the teen said "thanks for a great day" so it is good to spend the day together!

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Tom said...

Yay Tapirs! Lovely post hunni and thanks for a wonderful day. xXx