Wednesday, 6 January 2010

fun in the snow and more yumminess

Today was the day we planned on staying home and having a good spring clean - a bit early I know, but with the sun out and snow on the ground we got all wrapped up and took a big plastic storage box to the park for some down hill fun, on the way we passed the graveyard and the snow looked all powdery and inviting so we had a go in the sledge box, it wasn't very good though as the paths are old and uneven,

I had a go but no one took my photo, they were too busy trying to push me!!, the oldest kept telling us about the physics of it all and how he knows how to bob sleigh ( after playing on the Wii), it drove me mad, I just wanted it to be fun, then there was cries of how cold it was - and a snowball fight that ended up with my littlest man sat on a tree stump really upset, I had to take a picture because he looked like a little pixie surrounded by the berries on the trees and the snow. We went home after this with me ranting about "why can't we just have a nice outing without all the fuss".

On returning home I did what I love to do - bake, another recipe out of the hummingbird bakery book, this time a healthy option - yeah right - Carrot cake, it was meant to have a cream cheese frosting but as we are dairy free I made a vanilla and cinnamon frosting, which was yummy. One slice is about the whole days calories but who cares, it is by far the best cake I have ever made, so sweet and moreish, I wish this blog was smell/taste o'vision so I could share it with you - you would probably have to fight me for a piece though hehe.

Now I'm off to play Lego in front of the coal fire with the littlies before bed - I'm very ready for it as it's been one of those days x

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spicyapplepie said...

that cake looks wonderful! completely scrummy!

Glad you had a go at sledging!