Sunday, 8 November 2009

still sewing

I have been a busy bee, I have started for the first time in my life to look forward to Christmas, I think it is because this year is going to be a handmade one and the pressure to please others comes from the heart not from some idealistic idea we should spend, spend, spend money on crap that nobody actually benefits from.

I have been making things for the Christmas craft fair (6th Dec, Cedar square, Blackpool, 10am - 4pm) I have been invited to join. I am excited and nervous too, I haven't dealt with the public in such a long time but I'm sure all will be okay. I will upload some photos when I have some camera batteries!!

Our Halloween was spent inside being cosy in front of the coal fire and watching a film, ignoring the constant tapping on the door after the popcorn treat bags we made had ran out. For bonfire night we did...nothing, how liberating it was too. We watched neighbours fireworks out of the window but that was all. Not because we are mean or scrooge like, I just don't see the point, when we go to see the annual firework championships on the prom and the boys just play a game, they are not interested at all how great China's entry was or how France's rockets were bigger than last time, so they wouldn't be impressed with a Catherine wheel tied to our fence!!
Plus on the the money I would of spent on fireworks will be going to buy this new Jamie Oliver book the recipes are awesome, I borrowed it from the library and so far I have made the BBQ sauce and its the best one I have ever tasted, so smoky and yummy. The cinnamon swirls went down a treat and tonight we had peach cobbler - sticky, zingy goodness. I found it less arty, farty with the ingredients than his other books and the stories in it are interesting too.

Now the nights are drawing in I love turning on the fairy lights, lighting the fire and sitting in my wonderful art deco armchair that I discovered last week in a second hand furniture shop, its covered in velvet and has big sweeping arms, perfect for relaxing and doing some embroidery in which is what I'm off to do now.


Claire said...

I want to sit in that armchair on Tuesday, lady! And how dare you go bargain hunting without me! xxx

Pippa said...

You paint a wonderful picture of cosiness!! I think, after this year of buying fireworks, we won't be bothering next year. We bought a box of 'quiet' fireworks to show respect to all the neighbours and their pets, but to be honest, they were a bit tame. Apart from the one that DH lit upside down by accident and which shot across the lawn towards us. No nice. The neighours had obviously splashed out more than we did and the children loved watching all the rockets from the bedroom windows. I don't know what to celebrate on 5th Nov any more. Guy Falkes's execution? Definitley not. And I really hate celebrating things for the sake of it, without having any real 'feeling' for the occasion.

Your chair sounds fab, so does your log fire. Your post made me feel all Christmassy in fact!