Thursday, 21 May 2009

birthdays and crafty things......

It's that time of year when the birthdays start in our family, I have already had mine and loved the bird feeder my boys got me, its giving me loads of pleasure watching the blue tits feasting on nuts, Mrs blackbird comes every day too and yesterday a magpie came. My mum's birthday is tomorrow and I never know what to get her, I try and think of something she would really love but end up looking at things I would love like this sign from Diane

at Poppy talk handmade ,
or I could get her one of these delightful sweetie suitcases from Hope and Greenwood
They have some wonderful if a little naughty retro style sweets to take you back to your childhood, unfortunately eating sweets doesn't agree with my mums tummy so I decided to paint her a picture instead.

I really enjoyed painting this today, in fact it has inspired me to do some more painting as it so relaxing, it's something I rarely do any more even though DH keeps telling me I should do more as he thinks I'm good at it. I might take his advice and get back into painting again and who knows it may be my new career!! well for this week anyway, each day/week/month I come up with some idea to make money, I get really excited and for a short while think of nothing else, I research loads and spend too much time reading books on which ever subject it is then... well I'm not sure what happens, it kinda just goes out of my head until another thing fills me with inspiration.

Any way here it is, I'm not sure of a name, I think I will leave it up to my mum to decide, hope she likes it, she loves bluebell woods and angels so I think it will be OK

Some other things I have been making over the last week are bunting for my bedroom, its pink polka dots, toile de Jouy, roses and plain fabrics out of my scrap box with blue gingham ribbon for the string.

A blind for the bathroom, we don't shut it as were not overlooked and its frosted glass, just as well really I spent ages faffing with the ribbons to get them level!

A cushion for our bed, the flower material was a dress which looked terrible on but I loved the fabric so much I had to do something with it

We have also been trying to learn about cactus plants as the boys picked some from the garden centre the other day, we can't find a child's book anyway so far on them, I have tried finding a lap book on it but to no avail either so if anyone can send me any links I would be most grateful for them.

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Claire said...

Lovely painting - you need to set up on Etsy or something. You're very talented! xxx