Tuesday, 12 May 2009

chicken house and chicken out......

As usual its been a while since I blogged, I don't know about anyone else but I spend more time reading other peoples blogs than writing my own! I also spend a lot of time looking at home and garden magazines and websites thinking "ooh I could make that" about all sorts of stuff but do I then actually make it, no I just procrastinate some more. In fact I have realised that amongst home schooling, trips out, shopping, gardening, etc I spend an awful long time procrastinating. Then before I know it another day has past in a wonderful blur of just doing "stuff" and not seeming like I have achieved much.
What we, well mainly my DH has finished is the chicken coop...at last. It has been a slow process and a great learning curve and we are very pleased with the finished result.

A few weeks ago, measuring up to see how big it should be......

the basic construction so far.......

The finished thing, complete with bunting made from an old cupcake design table cloth, iris blue outdoor paint and various chicken and flower designs on the coop part by myself and the wee ones.

The lovely ladies are pleased at being in there own space but I think they miss the contact of us, they make me smile and remind me a dogs in the way they behave. Each morning when I open the coop door they come running out pushing each other out of the way so I can stroke them, they make a right noise when you walk away from them.

It seems an age ago they were tiny little things, when really its only a matter of weeks.

Here they are in the tiny makeshift cage, they don't even have tail feathers yet!

Chris being really brave wearing gloves to hold them, they love him and nod off using his arms like perches.

Chris' nervous smile, hoping the chicken won't go any further up his arm......

Getting bigger and more mischievous, pecking at anything, especially my tiny seedlings I had growing in the front room!
Now feeling very modellesque in the outdoor coop!, I think they feel very grand as I am always telling them what pretty ladies they are - everyone thinks I'm daft I'm sure!

Still got a long way to grow, now 9 wks old. Can't wait for our first eggs and too spend many more days just watching them running around and making us smile.

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