Wednesday, 25 March 2009

spring chicks and smiles

Happy spring!
Each morning when the sun peeps through the curtains I actually feel happy to be getting up, those dreary dull winter mornings where snuggling in bed is the only option have given way to a warm sunny feeling where clean sheets drying on the line and daffodils dancing in the breeze come to mind. For mothers day I got these beautiful daffodils that now grace the mantelpiece making me smile each time I look at them, not just because I love daffs but because my boys faces when giving them to me along with handmade cards and a cuppa in bed spring to mind as well. I finished another embroidery and framed this one, this is also on the mantle and if I ever get turn into a thread girl I shall live in this little cottage with my hen and lots of flowers!
The material used for the house is from Japan and I love it!

Oh my how fast do chicks grow?
ours are now a week and 2 days old, they have grown so much, they have wings, each chick has various size wings and one has a tail feather coming which looks really funny, they try and fly every time we open the lid on the box and are really strong pushing with their legs when you pick them up, each chick has its own personality too.
There is a dominant one who is the biggest called Frank (even though we think its a girl), Frank chirps the loudest and flaps a lot. Then there is Mash the middle one who's wings are not quite as big as Franks but tries to escape at every opportunity, likes to rip off the paper towels that line the box and run around with a bit in her beak so the others chase her!
and last the smallest fluffy one I called Katy Perry, she is adorable and if you pick her up and whisper shhh shhh near her head she falls asleep. When we take her out of the box to hold her Frank and Mash go mad chirping really loudly.
We think its great fun having the chicks and a real learning curve for all of us not just the boys.
They don't half poop a lot though, we seem to clean out the bedding twice a day and they just keep on pooping, it brings the reality of intensely reared chickens and the amount of crap they stand in home, thank god we changed to eating free range/free to roam chickens.

since this pic was taken 2 days ago the wings are much bigger!

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