Saturday, 5 July 2008

Catching up with the garden

I finally managed to get out in the back garden as the sun came out and we didnt have anywhere to go, the boys are busy on projects and i was able to get round to some planting. the pic above is some lovely pineapple mint my mum bought me a while ago and now is by our back door on the kitchen window sill, its smells lovely and i love it in the meakin teapot!

I know this seems a little shabby but i call it frugal! i made a cloche out of an old kichen cupboard turned on its side and covered it with industrial clingfilm to keep it warm, in the little pots are carrot seeds and in the cut down milk cartons are runner bean seeds, i cant wait till they start sprouting, you cant see it in the pic but just above the milk cartons at the top is the old drawer out of the cupboard with runner beans in it and a wire mesh going up the wall for them to grow up. The milk bottles are an excellent recycling idea and for the past couple of months ive had a row of them on the living room window growing peepers from seed.

These are my pepper plants now ive transferred them outside, they look a little worse for wear as we had a massive downpour and something has been nibbling the leaves! Also little black seeds keep dropping off them, i would appreciate if anyone knows what this is all about to let me know as i cant find anything out about it.

My lovely alpine poppies have grown so much this year and have been in continuous bloom since febuary i have collected loads of seeds from them too, ready to plant for next year. I am slowly getting to see all the lovely flowers coming through as since ive lived here its been a very slow process getting round to the garden and making it into something nice.
My herb garden is another thing thats slowly happening, my basil died off even though when inside it was wonderful but some lemon balm and the lavender has grown really well. I love the smell of the lavender and cant wait to make some more sleep pillows out of it after it has flowered, you cant really see on below pic just how vibrant the colour is, its a gorgeous purple.
I have loads more to do in the garden and hopefully the weather will bless me with another fine day, weve had nothing but thunder storms and heavy rain, its really quite disheartening.

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