Friday, 13 December 2013

woodland collection inspiration

I have been spending time on Pinterest which if you don't know about it is a photo sharing site where you have mood boards you can pin photos too and share them with others, it is the best source of visual inspiration I have found on the net because one picture leads to another and another and because everything is in collections its easier to find similar things. If you haven't been on it I implore you to take a look but don't blame me for all the hours you spend on it! ;) 

So I have been gathering ideas and sources for my new collection of woodland fairy clothes and have found some amazing textile artists who I want to share with you. First up is Kirsten Chursinoff who makes the most beautiful embroidered pieces. She takes her inspiration from nature, flowers, seed heads, insects feature highly in her work.
Imagine how many hours it takes to stitch each piece! She is based in Vancouver, Canada.
It says on her website "Kirsten’s fibre art techniques span the “Art Quilt” realm and include hand stitching, raw-edge appliqué and free-motion machine embroidery.  Having a comprehensive grasp of techniques is important for her work, and has propelled the development of her unique style of illustrative expression" 
 you can find her website here

Next is Alice Wolfe, her knitted creations are amazing, I adore the huge birds she makes using beautiful Machine Knitted loops of yarn and Stitches, lots and lots of stitches,
                      All set up at the Knitting and Stitching show at Alexandra Palace
She has won all these awards:
The Christine Risley Award, Goldsmiths University – Runner up, 2011.
Global Color Research, Trend Awareness Award 2011.
Eric Mead Fashion/Textiles Materials and Books Award 2009.
Adam Jaffer, Curator of World Cultures, The Birmingham City Museum selected my work for an exhibition space at university 2009.
you can find her facebook page here

Finally is Annemieke Mein, dutch born but lives in Australia the subjects of her sculpted textiles are birds, frogs, gum and wattle blossoms, and invertebrates such as moths, dragonflies, wasps and grasshoppers. Her fondness for insects and her sympathetic images, often greatly enlarged and showing normally invisible colours and textures, have revealed new aspects of the everyday world.
"The artwork of Annemieke Mein is unique. She combines fabric, paint and sewing threads to produce works that are realistically accurate but that also breathe with life and action, and are emotionally breathtaking for the observer.
Annemieke’s art is difficult to categorise. Textile work has traditionally been ‘craft’, but Annemieke has moved it into the world of ‘art’." Phillip Mein
I think she is awesome, the size and detail in her pieces is outstanding, I love the colours and textures.
It almost looks real! 
You can find her webpage here

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