Wednesday, 29 May 2013

What to do?

I've been going through lots of changes in my mind these past couple of weeks, I have started reading the magic by Rhonda Byrne and putting into practise the gratitude and positive thought processes. If you've not heard of "magic" then I ask you first go to you tube and watch "the secret" by Rhonda Byrne, it really will change your life. I have also been watching videos on self discipline, I struggle with focusing on one task and following it through to the end so these videos have helped me.
I'm not sure if its the creative brain or this happens to all people but I find my mind wandering from one idea to the next, always thinking of all the different things I can do. Trying so many varying things and leaving a trail of unfinished things behind me.
I want instant results. This is hard for me to realise that it doesn't happen really, maybe I have too many things going on in my life, I'm a mum, home edder, run a shop, organise fairs, make clothes and crafts to sell, try to grow veg, look after chickens, keep 2 blogs and a webpage ( is it any wonder I'm always sporadic at posting ) Facebook, twitter, Instagram. I have 3 different emails for different things, my phone never stops ringing. Plus all the other things in normal life.
Now don't get me wrong I am grateful for my wonderful life, I'm so grateful that I have so much going on, I'm grateful that I have all the things, outlets and friends that I do.
I'm just expressing my self to try and work through my issues of time and get some order in my head.
Do you ever feel overwhelmed? What do you do when this feeling takes over? I would love to hear from you lovely readers xx


Ren said...

I read this and thought, yep... often go here! Likewise, home eddeer of 3, shop runner, home runner, avid woolaholic, blogger, etc, etc...
I saw something online recently on a small business forum I think. She suggested to aim to 'work smarter - not harder' and I have to say it made me think so much!!! I bought a sim free smartphone to use for all my business blogging, facebook paging etc. It means I can cut out a HUGE amount of pressure and yet still note down those memories that I dont want to loose! Blogger does not easily work with a smartphone, infact its utterly useless. I transferred all my posts (891 of them...) to Tumblr and now I use instagram to take the pictures, one button pressed! I can then select where to share, so I press facebook page and tumblr and its all done! Its only one small part of life but I see my life as a bit of a tree with many branches being all of the parts that make me. If I can sort out one branch at a time then I will be on the right path! Good luck and take heart, you arent alone x

sustainablemum said...

To keep track of everything I have gone back to using a diary this year. I write everything in it, on each double page is a diary for the week on one page and a notebook page on the other. Each week I look ahead and plan the next week including meals and food needs, I have found that planning my food (lunches and evening meal) has freed up lots of time in the day!