Thursday, 17 January 2013

Its a new dawn, its a new day.....

Good morning, I'm up early the boys have gone on paper round, its just me, a Himalayan salt lamp, laptop and a cup of tea. Its bliss and a secret time of the day when all is quiet before the day fully begins. A day full of anything you could imagine, so many possibilities, so many things to spend your time doing and if yesterday was not too great it doesn't matter because thats gone, it's a brand new day, a fresh start, are you ready? I am.

This morning I uploaded all my photos off my phone to my laptop, a crazy amount well over 1000, I realised if I lost my phone or it broke those photos and memories would be lost forever, some made me smile so Im going to share them with you, have a wonderful day xx
1A. Eddie the rock monster, whilst making him it made me laugh as his face developed into such a character, Ive made many monsters but he will always be my favourite.
1.  Alice our youngest chicken, is so curious
2. Two guys at a roller derby event in Manchester
3. My youngest boy Chris and our puppy Badger
4. Me and my friend Colette in Ikea ( I know its blurry but it still makes me smile, we was in fits of laughter because my boys were so cross we was sat on the furniture!)
5. Badgers nose
6. Mr Bubbles, my friends dog
7. The Mr, how he poses when I ask to take his picture! T shirt from Me & Yu
8. Dennis Owen who always gets mistaken for the guy from Black Lace in Penny Lane
9. Me aged 4 or 5 with my big sister, look at my smile!
10. Chris, hes bonkers and always makes me smile.

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