Monday, 12 March 2012

Naughty knitting! Warning contains rude parts!!

whilst on facebook today I came across a rather fetching knitted pair of undies and found them hilarious, the picture soon was shared around and we all thought it quite funny see below

now unfortunately facebook decided that this picture was not suitable and got rid of it fast as lightening, no explanation the whole threads disappeared like Paul Daniels so I didn't want any of my lovely readers to miss out and search high and low and found the photo, whilst searching there seemed to be a trend in knitted naughties, whoever thinks up these patterns must be having a right old chuckle.

some of the more risque crochet and knitted gentlemen parts, why would you want one of these?! But if you do (god what type of readers do I have!) here's a link to the pink one

Even sweet little old ladies are at it, look here at Coral, a dear little 91 year old

she does have a good excuse though for knitting boobies, they are used as a learning tool for expectant mothers! you can read the full story here

There was lots more, in fact more than I ever could imagine but I didn't want to be too naughty and fill my post with rudies, you can google them yourself if your so inclined! It makes me wonder though how something like the knitted boxers can be deemed filth and censored why are the pictures of half naked breasted women in profile pictures not removed?, I have see some where women are bent over and their backsides are out on display.
If you have found my post offensive, I'm sorry, its just a bit of fun , I'm sure you will see worse on our streets when the sun comes out and people start swapping Pyjama bottoms to go to the shop in for tiny shorts that reveal bottoms!

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